Scientists claim “Brain Boosters” the most genius accident Science discovery

Go to any place in the world and it is with no doubt that you’ll hear of a problem that needs to be solved. Regardless of its level of seriousness, it is only with the right; wise and smart mind that we can think of the solutions to whatever problem that is, based on our own “best judgment”, which we fall short most of the time. This is exactly the main reason why even the best thinkers of the world claim that boosting our neurons can make this world and its people so much smarter.

Brain booster defined.

What is a brain booster and what does it do to be labelled as the most genius Science discovery?

Brain booster is a surprising “accident” discovery by U.K. and U.S researchers that could lead to cognition-enhancing based on the action of organophosphorus compounds on a novel target in the brain. These compounds inhibit acetylcholinesterase (AChE), leading to a build-up of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is thought to enhance cognition in Alzheimer’s disease. But Paul Richards and his colleagues at the University of Leicester (Leicester, U.K.) believed in something that led to unintended discovery of the observed benefits.

A study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine in 2012 found that it could “improve attention, cognitive processing, and working memory partly via the suppression of AChE activity.” In the simplest words, brain boosters are designed to elevate focus and mental clarity to help the brain achieve improved cognitive functioning.

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The “best pick” for cognition enhancement.

“Almost everybody is going to want to use it,” said Farah, a brain scientist of the University of Pennsylvania. “But the hype may only cause threat if consumers will not be guided accordingly.” she added.

As many brain-boosting pills are coming out, the experts wrote in an opinion piece published online by the journal Nature; their best pick amongst the line is Neuroxium.

Neuroxium is a revolutionary brain supplement formulated to give you ultimate brain power. Known in Scientific Terms as a “NOOTROPIC” or “GENIUS PILL” Neuroxium improves mental functions such as cognition, memory, intelligence, motivation, attention, concentration and therefore happiness and success. 

It’s ultimate promise; You will be limitless!

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Neuroxium’s unique formula is scientifically designed and tested to meet the highest standards of supreme cognitive function. Every pill is manufactured with the outmost care in our ultra-modern facilities with full scientific quality assurance testing at every lab stage. Where other products depend on fillers and synthetic products, Neuroxium is formulated with only the best natural ingredients that are clinically proven to give you the mental boost you need.

It is foreseen that the demand for brain boosters is likely to grow among middle-aged people who want youthful memory powers and multitasking workers who need to keep track of multiple demands.

While supporting the concept those healthy adults should be able to use brain-boosting drugs, the scientists still calls for this before consumers choose their pill: more research into the use, benefits and risks of the product.

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